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About housing assistance

Housing assistance is provided to low-income families (citizens) permanently residing in the town of Balkhash and adjacent settlements (Gulshat, Sayak) registered in this dwelling, who are the owners or tenants of the dwelling.

         The main criteria for determining the right of a family to receive housing assistance are the total income of the family and the cost of consumption of utilities (according to the tariff or the display of the accounting devices).

         The amount of housing assistance is  determined as the difference between the amount of payment for the consumption of utilities, within the norms provided by compensatory measures, and the established share of the maximum allowable expenses of the family for these purposes. Assistance is assigned from the month of application with all necessary documents until the end of the current quarter.

         The part of maximum allowable expenses to the total family income is established by the decision of the city maslikhats and is 8% in the Balkhash region.

In determining eligibility for housing assistance, total family income for the quarter preceding the circulation quarter is taken into account.

Housing assistance is calculated for each family individually depending on the income of the family, the occupied area of housing and actually consumed utilities, while the actual costs of the family are taken into account within the social norms:


  • social norm of the area of housing for single citizens living in multi-room apartments-30 sq. m. (for living in one-room apartments-the total useful area of housing);
  •  electricity consumption per family at actual costs, but not more than 250 kw. in homes equipped with electric stoves;
  • norms of consumption of utilities (water supply, sewerage, electricity, heating, maintenance services, garbage disposal), regardless of ownership are set on the basis of tariffs approved by service providers or according to the meter; 
  • the amount of increase in the subscription fee for the phone connected to the telecommunications network shall be compensated in accordance with the procedure established by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

          Considering the calculation of housing assistance on several examples, according to the approved tariffs, to understand the general procedure of calculation of housing assistance (the calculation of benefits is based on the social norm):


1.When citizens who live alone apply:

One-bedroom apartment with a total area of 31.10 sq. m. The amount of the pension is 65711 tenge. Actually registered and lives 1 person.


1. The part of monthly total income for utilities is 65711тг*8%= 5256,88tg

2. Expense for utilities of family within the limits of social norms, amount to 7987.60tg, including:


2.2.Hot water-919,67tg

2.3.Cold water-460,94tg

2.4. Sewerage-258,06tg

2.5. Electricity - 14, 36tenge * 107 kW = 1536, 52tg

2.6. Operational services-36,50tg*31,10=1135,15tg

2.7. Garbage removal-152,41tg

2.8. License fee for phone-639,39 tg


2.When a large family applies:

In the three rooms flat with a total area of 60,0 sq.m. The size of total income of the family 117724tg (disability of 2group-47220tg, state social grant-10504tg, salary - 60000tg). In fact, 6 people are prescribed and live.


1. The part of monthly total income for utilities is 117724тг*8% = 9417,92tg

2. Expense for utilities of family within the limits of social norms, amount to 22732,67tg, including:


2.2.Hot water-919,67tg*6=5518,02tg

2.3.Cold water-460,94tg*6=2765,64tg

2.4. Sewerage-258,06tg*6=1548,36tg  

2.5. Electricity - 14,36tg* 250kW. = 3590,00tg

2.6. Operational services-36,50tg*60,0=2190,00tg

2.7. Garbage removal-152,41tg*6=914,46tg  

2.8. License fee for phone-639,39 tg

The amount of housing assistance was 13314,75tg = 22732,67tg – 9417,92tg


3. When citizens living in house with oven heating during the heating season apply:

Residential houses with oven heating (common area 58,5sq.m.)The size of total income of family 102473 tg (State units for the care of the 5th child - 22473tg, salary - 80000tg.). In fact, 7 people are prescribed and live.

1. The part of monthly total income for utilities is 102473tg*8% = 8197,84tg

2.Expense for utilities of family is  32801,48tg including:

2.1. Solid fuel by standard (18000tg-cost 1t. Coal) - 24219tg

2.2.Cold water– 460,94tg*7=3226,58tg

2.3.Electricity - 14,36tenge * 250kW. =3590,00tg

2.4.Garbage removal – 160,93tenge*7=1126,51tg

2.5.License fee for phone – 639,39tg

The amount of housing assistance was 24603,64tg = 32801,48tg – 8197,84 tg.

At the same time the norm of using solid fuel per 1sq.m. area is determined:

-for residential buildings built till 1985y:1-2 storey buildings-161kg, 3-4 storey buildings-98 kg (in terms heating season 7 months)

-for residential buildings built after 1985y:1-2 storey buildings -125kg, 3-4 storey buildings -72 kg (in terms of heating season 7 months)


For the determination of the right of the family for housing assistance, the owner of housing (employer) or his representative by notarized power of attorney can apply to the Department of Balkhash of the Department "Population Service Center" of the branch of NAO "State Corporation" Government for Citizens "(the town of Balkhash, Bokekhanova Str., 20А) or through the web portal" electronic government"



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